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MON-05-JULY 10.00AM (CET)

Digital Water Solutions: Leakage And Smart Networks

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  • Ensuring Minimum Water Loss During The Supply From Water Plant To The End-User
  • How has technology advanced in this field and which new opportunities can help to achieve constant and reliable monitoring and control.
  • What are the efficiencies that a data driven approach can bring?
  • Digital water utilities are essential to a smart city: How to become a digital city
  • Meeting regulations and water leakage targets

MON-05-JULY 12.00PM (CET)

Managing Ageing Infrastructure With Smart Water Networks

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  • Integrating smart water technologies into existing water infrastructure
  • How to deliver smart with existing and proven technology methods
  • Improving the accuracy and application of data driven intelligence
  • Optimisation

MON-05-JULY 14.00PM (CET)

Artificial Intelligence – Transforming The Water Industry

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  • New technologies development & expertise in IoT & AI for network automation.
  • Explore the latest advances in water network automation with developments in IoT and artificial intelligence to improve efficiencies and water operations.
  • AI & Machine learning to more accurately detect and pinpoint bursts
  • Identify risks & predict future leaks on the network to help prevent bursts

MON-05-JULY 16.00PM (CET)

AI & Machine Learning To Identify Risks & Predict Future Leaks

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  • How to accurately identify and prioritise risks on the water supply network
  • Methodologies for locating hidden leaks
  • How to practically implement the latest AI and machine learning applications across the network for greater operational efficiency and reduce risk.

TUE-06-JULY 10.00AM (CET)

Flow-Based Leak Detection Systems

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  • How to identify abnormal flow patterns to detect leaks and bursts
  • Improving the quality of flow monitoring to identify abnormal flow patterns
  • Tools and technologies to improve the collection & execution of reliable and accurate pressure data.
  • By analysing pipe failure rates with an automated leak detection system that uses big data analytics and analysis of leak dynamics, pipe replacement if no longer related to age, but to pipe failure rate

TUE-06-JULY 12.00PM (CET)

How Can The Water Sector Benefit From The Digital Twin?

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  • Digital twins to predict future performance issues & identify future failures
  • How create an end-to-end solution to put one screen on the water infrastructure, IoT data telemetry and AI analysis
  • Learn how to track water consumption, detect anomalies, pinpoint high-return rehabilitation activities and make data driven decisions on adapting to water stress
  • Automatic leak localisation with a Digital Twin

TUE-06-JULY 14.00PM (CET)

Smart Pipe Condition Assessment: Pipe Repair In The Digital Age

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  • Analysing pipe failure rates using big data leakage analytics and analysis of leak dynamics.
  • What are the options for minimal disruption or non-invasive pipe repairs?
  • How to bring pipe repair into the digital age
  • Analysing pipe failure rates with an automated leak detection system that uses big data analytics and analysis of leak dynamics, pipe replacement if no longer related to age, but to pipe failure rates


TUE-06-JULY 16.00PM (CET)

Sensors In The Water Industry: The Next Steps To IoT Cities

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  • Understanding the need to better monitor the usage, supply and treatment of both supply water and waste water networks.
  • Driving digitalisation with the use of smart sensors across all areas of the water network
  • Storage: Water Level, Temperature, Pressure
  • Pipe Networks: Pressure, Flow Speed, Level Measurement, Leaks
  • Treatment: Supply Water, pH, Chlorine, Pressure, Temperature, Flow Speed, Level Measurement

WED-07-JULY 10.00AM (CET)

Leak Reduction And Control: Reduce Leakage Run Time

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  • Effectively detecting leaks & bursts to drive down water loss and meet leakage reduction targets
  • Monitoring the network from source to customer
  • Speeding up data communications and analysis with IoT
  • Utilising IoT Pressure Sensors
  • Machine Learning to utilise IoT pressure sensors and localise leaks/bursts.

WED-07-JULY 12.00PM (CET)

Smart Solutions For Improved Monitoring, Automated Control, Leakage Monitoring To Reduce Costs

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  • Network monitoring; Proactively manage the water network  by anticipating & mitigating network risks and disruption

WED-07-JULY 14.00PM (CET)

Automatic Identification Of Leaks: Digitalisation In Pipe Networks, From Leak Detection To Network Monitoring

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WED-07-JULY 16.00PM (CET)

Automatic Identification of Leaks: Reducing The Run Time of Leaks With Permanent Monitoring

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  • Integrating Networking data to localise leaks
  • Sensor technology for flows, pressure, acoustics and temperature measurement
  • What are the specific challenges when monitoring and analysing data

THU-08-JULY 10.00AM (CET)

Smart Water Metering For Smart Cities

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  • Transforming metering data to accurately predict & manage demand
  • The adoption of cellular technology in water metering solutions is opening the door to new opportunities and greater flexibility for utilities.
  • Utilising IoT enabled cellular networks for greater scalability and easier integration of smart sensors for water.
  • Smarter solutions, powered by cellular and IoT based technologies are rapidly transforming the water metering industry helping water utilities face the serious challenges ahead.

THU-08-JULY 12.00PM (CET)

Deploying A Successful Predictive Maintenance System

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  • What does predictive maintenance look like in practice?
  • What are the enabling technologies that make this possible?
  • Identifying the implementation steps to effectively utilise AI solutions
  • How does predictive modelling improve a utility’s self-reliance and reduce network-wide OPEX (operational expenditure).

THU-08-JULY 14.00PM (CET)

Utilising Data From Smart Sensors For Water Quality Management

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  • Better utilise sensor data to predict potential failures
  • Sensors in the water treatment industries area an emerging technology market, forecast to grow to $2Billion by 2030.
  • These sensors will make up the wider application of IoT devises in cities and the hype around them is growing.
  • What parts of the water utility networks does this apply to?

THU-08-JULY 16.00PM (CET)

Predicting & Managing Water Usage Demand

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  • The application of IoT, AI & Machine Learning to improve data utilisation
  • Innovations in smart metering
  • Creating a smarter, responsive, autonomous network.
  • Mitigating against demand spikes – responding in real time.

FRI 09-JULY 10.00AM (CET)

How To Over Come The Challenges And Risks of Implementing Digital Innovation Across The Network

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  • Demonstrating the value of IoT, AI and Machines Learning applications and learning the practical steps to implement successful projects.
  • Looking at the pathways to delivering an intelligent water network
  • Smarter solutions, powered by cellular and IoT based technologies are rapidly transforming the water metering industry helping water utilities face the serious challenges ahead.

FRI-09-JULY 12.00PM (CET)

Smart Metering: Detecting Abnormal Network Behaviour

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  • What types of smart meter are available, and where are they delivering the best results.
  • Using smart meters to effectively deploy water resources across the network
  • Understanding and reacting to demand patter shifts
  • How to turn data into useful information for managing demand spikes, forecasting consumption & leakage reduction
  • How does predictive modelling improve a utility’s self-reliance and reduce network-wide OPEX (operational expenditure).

FRI-09-JULY 14.00PM (CET)

Predictive Simulation & Modelling To Anticipate Failure And Optimise Water Utility

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  • Improving operability using real-time data and digital modelling
  • Visualisation tools to improve efficiency on the ground.
  • Frontline data visualisation tools and technologies

FRI-09-JULY 16.00PM (CET)

Future Utility Innovation: Designing The Utilities of 2030 & Beyond

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  • What does the utility of the future look like?
  • What are the main challenges and where are the technology gaps?
  • How do we achieve future sustainability?
  • What is the consumers role in this process?

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