MON-18-OCT 10.00 (CET)

Improve Resource Utilization, Minimize Waste And Increase Efficiency For Wastewater Networks, Collection Systems And Treatment Facilities

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  • How does digitalisation play a role in the operation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)?
  • How to overcome the challenges and risks of implementing digital innovation across wastewater networks
  • Defining ‘success’ as a digital utility
  • What is the value potential for digital solutions across a wastewater network?
  • Identifying the building blocks of digital water; data, technologies, practices that drive value across the wastewater utility value chain

MON-18-OCT 12.00 (CET)

How Digitalization Can Boost Natural Disaster Resiliency In Municipal Water and Sewerage Treatment

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  • Resilience in the face of severe weather Patterns
  • Instrumentation, control, and automation technologies
  • Efficacy, efficiency, and visibility
  • When natural disasters strike, digitalization can help get municipal wastewater treatment back online quickly and effectively
  • Resiliency in wastewater treatment delivery
  • Instrumentation, control and automation technologies
  • How real time monitoring can improve flood readiness
  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and flooding regulations legislation

MON-18-OCT 14.00 (CET)

Cyber Security: Enterprise Integrated Solution, IoT, OT & IT

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Company Profile

Convergence Methodology Impact 
  • Process Convergence
  • Software & Data Convergence
  • Physical Convergence
  • Industrial Immunity in Convergence of OT & IT Environments
IoT and IT/OT convergence
  • IoT Devices and Data Transfer
  • Operational Data
  • Network: OT Device Function to IoT Device
IIoT Resilience
  • Real-time Data From the Edge
  • Achieving Secure & Operational Processes
  • Securing Operational Activity Outside of Distributed Network Architecture
Digital Transformation
  • ICS Attacks
  • Securing the Security Gap between OT Projects and Siloed IT Departments
  • Digital Security Incident Response Plans
  • Automated OT and IT Systems Predictive Response

MON-18-OCT 16.00 (CET)

Wastewater Level Monitoring- The Revolutionised Way Forward With IoT & Smart Machine-Learning Data Analytics

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Phillip Tomlinson, Commercial Director (EMEA), Metasphere

Speaker Bio | Company Profile


  • Monitoring the wastewater levels in a wastewater network is imperative as it enables utilities to effectively manage their network to prevent wastewater spills, reduce pollution and improve visibility, performance, and forecasting.
  • Wastewater spills are a major contributor to rivers and inland waterways often being below the expected water quality standards, as well as being a leading cause in the contamination of freshwater and marine ecosystems. Further spills into the sea impacts bathing water quality and poses serious health risks and damage to marine ecosystems
  • Blockages and collapsed sewers often go undetected, whilst control rooms are inundated with high level alarms that are subsequently often turned off during wet weather events due to the impact of rainfall on wastewater network levels.
  • These instances result in environmental and reputational damage for utilities, increased expenditure to clean up the damage caused by spills events, as well as being faced with fines issued by regulatory bodies.
  • The webinar will explore how Wastewater Level Monitoring is being revolutionised with IoT and Smart Machine-Learning Data Analytics
  • The audience will learn how a new innovative approach to managing wastewater levels can significantly improve wastewater network visibility.
  • The audience will also gain insight about an alternative ground-breaking approach that not only addresses the many problems utilities face, but a new way of working that ultimately delivers a cleaner, greener world for everyone.

TUE-19-OCT 10.00 (CET)

Utilizing Process Instrumentation To Improve Cost Efficiency In Wastewater Operations

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  • Wastewater Instrumentation- Challenges and Opportunities
  • Wastewater process control – which strategy is right for you?
  • Sensors, Monitoring And Forecasting: Detect, Diagnose And Proactively Prevent Detrimental Events
  • Securing accurate data for mapping water resources, measuring water fluxes and utility asset management
  • Providing real-time data on water quality, flows, pressures and water levels
  • Utilising sensors and data for adverse weather preparation
  • Preparing for and reacting to water quality issues
  • How to use data to optimise resource e.g., chemical use for water treatment

TUE-19-OCT 12.00 (CET)

Smart Water Management: Controlling And Optimizing Water Supply And Sewer Networks

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  • Sewer Network Control Systems & Sewer Management Systems
  • Learn how to better Regulate Wastewater Flows
  • Improving visibility and actionable intelligence to control valves, pumps and weirs on the basis of current measurements of precipitation, water level and discharge
  • Smart wastewater networks: Smart sensor network leak, pollution incident detection and management
  • Blockages, sewer misuse detection and remedial works
  • Remote monitoring of sewer capacity levels & storm overflows

TUE-19-OCT 14.00 (CET)

Applying Digital Twins To Deliver Benefits To The Wastewater Sector

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  • Dissolving the boundaries that exist between the physical systems, processes, and operations of Wastewater Treatment Plants and their Digital Twins
  • Model and simulate the operation of an entire WTP to understand, predict, and optimize WTP performance in order to improve plant-wide treatment efficiencies, including reducing energy use
  • Using Digital Twins to predict future performance and identify future failures
  • Data integration, analytics and visualisation capabilities to help utility managers gain control of intelligent systems
  • Achieving connectivity between utility and its diversified water supply
  • Investigate how to practically implement the latest AI and machine learning applications across the network

TUE-19-OCT 16.00 (CET)

Wastewater Decision Support Systems: Modernizing Treatment & Delivery Infrastructures While Improving Efficiency, Efficacy And Resiliency

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  • Addressing Resiliency In wastewater Treatment And Delivery
  • Connecting Assets, Deploying New Applications And Building Digital Twins
  • Benefits in performance, efficiency, maintenance and project costs, service quality and compliance
  • Analytics of Water Treatment Plant sensor data coupled with AI can reveal performance anomalies and deviations from expected system behaviour patterns that could otherwise escape human cognition
  • Because the water industry is a critical infrastructure and cyber threats are always increasing in frequency and sophistication, it is key that both Water Treatment Plants and Wastewater Delivery systems are rigorously and continuously monitored.

WED-20-OCT 10.00 (CET)

Innovative Wastewater Treatment & Resource Recovery Technologies Impacts On Energy, Economy And Environment

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Puja Doshi , Secretary Specialist Group Institution, Governance, Regulation, International Water Association (IWA)

Speaker Bio | Company Profile

The International Water Association

  • Digital technologies impact on the economics of Wastewater Management
  • Technologies leading to reducing energy requirements
  • Reusing water and sludge of sufficient quantity
  • Exploring the wide-ranging impact of adopting digital solutions and next-generation technologies
  • Outlining the opportunities for process optimisation and reduced capital expenditure
  • Regulatory compliance

WED-20-OCT 12.00 (CET)

Preventative Maintenance And Improved Long Term Planning For Wastewater Operations

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  • Unanticipated downtime and unplanned incidents wreak havoc on maintenance budgets and negatively impact the overall equipment lifecycle and performance of the entire treatment plant. Unexpected interruptions can also catch the eye of local agencies that impose financial penalties for violations such as sanitary sewer overflow events
  • Detect, Diagnose and proactively prevent detrimental events such as pipe burst, water discoloration events, sewer collapses/blockages etc
  • Prioritising repairs and replacements for ageing infrastructure
  • Maintaining the current status of critical infrastructure, while also keeping pace with growing demands of rapid urbanization, environmental protection and climate change

WED-20-OCT 14.00 (CET)

Key Digitalization Technologies That Are Transforming Wastewater Treatment Plants (WTPs)

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  • End-to-End digitalization of plants and processes for optimized efficiency and safety
  • Optimization for increased efficiency and safety
  • Optimizing pump schedules in pipelines and water networks to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption
  • Smart sensors/instrumentation, digital twins, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Lifecycle Management, Cyber Security

WED-20-OCT 16.00 (CET)

What Is The Role Of Real-Time Nitrate And Nitrite Monitoring In Achieving Net Zero Wastewater Treatment?

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  • How to practically harness the energy locked up in wastewater in the WWTPs of the future
  • Given that nitrate and nitrite are intermediates in the single most energy-intensive conversion in conventional wastewater treatment, a robust method to monitor them in real-time is likely to be a key enabler in process optimisation – even without SBNR
  • Energy-efficient wastewater treatment is on the agenda for utilities everywhere. As part of the drive to net zero
  • Improved process control and shortcut biological nitrogen removal, enabled through real-time nitrate and nitrate monitoring, can significantly reduce electricity demand for aeration
  • Short Biological Nitrogen Removal (SBNR) offers the potential to dramatically reduce aeration requirements – however, process control is a key challenge.

THU-21-OCT 10.00 (CET)

Revolutionizing Leak Detection & Quantification With The New Multi-Sensor Delta & Trident

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Brad Weston, Managing Director, Electro Scan UK Limited

Mike App, VP of Operations, Electro Scan Inc.

Speaker Bios | Company Profile

  • Learn what pipes you, DO NOT NEED TO FIX.
  • Get not only location but a L/S quantification of all leaks to prioritize your repairs.
  • Eliminate all variables that are currently faced in determining if there is a leak and where, ambient noise, operator bias, high water tables, tidal influence, plastic pipes, low pressure, variable pressure to name a few.

THU-21-OCT 12.00 (CET)

Remote Watershed Integrity: Strategic Management Of Watersheds

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  • How has watershed management evolved?
  • What new tools are available and how can they be integrated into sustainable watershed management?
  • The process of developing integrated watershed management strategies for sustainable management through the incorporation of adaptive management techniques
  • The incorporation of technological advancements, such as remote sensing, GIS, big data, and multi-level social-ecological systems analysis, into watershed management strategies
  • Proactive remote monitoring across multiple parameters (temperature, flow, pH, Nitrates (At multiple depth levels)
  • Watershed simulation modelling, or hydrologic simulation to achieve optimal management strategies that balance several benefits of land and water resources in a watershed.

THU-21-OCT 14.00 (CET)

Addressing The Fundamental Challenges of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators

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  • Keeping the operating expenses (OPEX) such as energy and chemical consumption to a minimum
  • Running a stable WWTP to continuously ensure that no spills of untreated wastewater run in to rivers, lakes or the sea in order for water utilities to avoid being penalised by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Efficiently reporting to the authorities that the WWTP operates within wastewater treatment standards
  • Being able to automate parts of the operation that enables the WWTP to run with as little human interaction as possible
  • Moving from a reactive to a proactive WWTP operation
  • Developing plant-wide models to evaluate the capacity of a WWTP to optimise existing infrastructure.

THU-21-OCT 16.00 (CET)

Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Water Systems For Organic Chemical Removal

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  • Wastewater varies greatly dependent on the application it has been used for: Wastewater management process selection based on the effluent quality
  • Understanding the choice of water technology depending on the contamination load
  • Making wastewater suitable to discharge to a river, or to reuse within the manufacturing facility ‘water polishing’
  • Removing organic chemicals from drinking water and wastewater, including pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, dyes and ingredients for personal care products
  • Preventing Water Pollution And Supporting Environmental Strategies

FRI-22-OCT 10.00 (CET)

Sludge Disposal: Dewatering & Agricultural Use: Wet Oxidation Process, Pyrolysis And Gasification Processes

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  • Wastewater Challenges: Environmental Footprint, Preventing Spills, Sludge Disposal & Revenue Streams
  • Sewage Sludge Management solutions within a defined framework – Processes
  • Aerobic, homogenization, dewatering, drying and innovative processes for sludge stabilisation that reduce energy costs
  • CHP systems to optimize electricity production for the WWTP
  • Biogas energy potential, removal of siloxanes and optimized anaerobic sludge stabilization
  • Incineration – Drying processes and energy balance (QEB (waste energy balance) = QHR (waste heat recovery) – QDE (waste drying energy))
  • Disposal & Recycling
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions – Technologies
  • Viable methodologies for the removal of inorganic compounds and hazardous elements

FRI-22-OCT 12.00 (CET)

Improving Wastewater Treatment Efficiency: Optimising Processes, Reclamation, Energy & Chemical Usage To Reduce Cost, Human Errors & Environmental Impact

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  • Discover ways to increase capacity, reduce effluent concentrations, become an energy producer rather than consumer and recover valuable and scarce resources, leading the transition to Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs)
  • Establishing automated data driven operations to minimise human error risks and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Quality sensors combined with algorithms to optimise the treatment process, reducing capital and operating costs
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Connecting equipment & maintenance solutions to reduce downtime & failures of critical equipment & pipelines
  • Next-generation monitoring, controls, and automation
  • Water quality monitoring sensors

FRI-22-OCT 14.00 (CET)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Innovation: Next-Generation Wastewater Treatment Technologies

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  • Cost-effective wastewater treatment process technologies
  • Wastewater treatment systems: Analysis evaluation and comparison
  • Optimal design of a wastewater treatment plant using advanced technologies
  • Ability of water treatment plants to rebound after natural disasters, and increasing frequency of intense weather-related events
  • What does water treatment and delivery resiliency mean? And how can it be strengthened?

FRI-22-OCT 16.00 (CET)

Exploiting The Value Of Data, Automation And Artificial Intelligence: Advanced Real-Time Control To Achieve More Stable Plant Operations

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  • Water decision support systems
  • Extend water resources
  • Reduce non-revenue water
  • Expand Infrastructure Life Cycles
  • Provide the basis for financial security
  • The capabilities of AI and machine learning to meet demand spikes
  • Demand Data Utilisation to intelligently divert water resources

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