TechTalks: Smart Water Networks IoT

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Digital Water Solutions: Leakage And Smarter Networks

Automatic Identification Of Leaks: Reducing The Run Time Of Leaks With Permanent Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Solutions – Transforming The Water Industry

Pulse Flow RO Technology For High Recovery Water Reuse

Developing A Smart Networks Strategy – A Summary of Experiences And Considerations

Digitalisation In Pipe Networks, From Leak Detection To Network Monitoring

Using Digital Transformation To Achieve Environmental Goals

Smart Water Metering For Smart Cities

Envisaging The Virtual Network

Predicting & Managing Water Usage Demand

Procurement of Water Retail Services: Maximising Service Provision

"I was very impressed with the planning and support for the Smart Water IoT webinar series. The professionalism of the WeConferences team meant I could concentrate on giving an engaging presentation to an informed and interesting live audience."

CTO, FIDO Tech Ltd


“The process was very well organised and facilitated by Martin, and We Water were able to attract a good audience who interacted well with the topic via the Q&A facility.”

Subject Matter Expert, Ovarro DA

“Thank you to We Water for the opportunity to present. I thoroughly enjoyed the questions and discussion generated about smart metering and water efficiency.  It was great working with We Water”.

Water Efficiency Manager, Thames Water

“We were recently hosted by WeConference team for a webinar on IDE's Pulse Flow RO technology. The webinar was well advertised using all the relevant platforms prior to the event itself, and the event was well managed by the team. The list of attendees was impressively long and detailed”.

We appreciate WeConference's team effort for this successful event and look forward to continuing work with them.”

Product Development Manager,

IDE Technologies

“I enjoyed working with We Water, who provided a very professional platform for the webinar, and presenting to an engaged audience that asked a number of insightful questions.”

Subject Matter Expert, Ovarro

Digital Water. Smart Water. Internet of Water. Water 4.0

Water Utility Networks Optimization And Digitalization

TechTalk Webinar Series: Smart Water Networks IoT

Manage Demand, Improve Leak Performance, Deliver Efficiency Gains & Reduce Operations Costs. Effectively Detecting Leaks & Bursts To Drive Down Water Loss & Meet Leakage Regulation Targets.  x20 High Quality Solutions Orientated Presentations Demonstrating How Water Utility Companies Can Maximise Data To Reduce Leakage And Improve Operability.

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Webinar Series: Smart Water Networks IoT

WasteWater Management Optimization & Digitalization

Process Instrumentation Solutions, Networks & Treatment, Advanced Wastewater Management, Optimized And Energy Efficient Treatment Plants, Spills Prevention, Sludge Management, Innovative Analysis, Process Technologies

Water Utility Key Themes

• Digital Water Solutions: Leakage And Smart Networks
• Managing Ageing Infrastructure With Smart Water Networks
• Artificial Intelligence – Transforming The Water Industry
• AI & Machine Learning To Identify Risks & Predict Future Leaks
• Flow-Based Leak Detection Systems
• How Can The Water Sector Benefit From The Digital Twin?
• Smart Pipe Condition Assessment: Pipe Repair In The Digital Age
• Sensors In The Water Industry: The Next Steps To IoT Cities
• Leak Reduction And Control: Reduce Leakage Run Time
• Smart Solutions For Improved Monitoring, Automated Control, Leakage Monitoring To Reduce Costs
• Automatic Identification Of Leaks: Digitalisation In Pipe Networks, From Leak Detection To Network Monitoring
• Automatic Identification of Leaks: Reducing The Run Time of Leaks With Permanent Monitoring
• Smart Water Metering For Smart Cities
• Deploying A Successful Predictive Maintenance System
• Utilising Data From Smart Sensors For Water Quality Management
• Predicting & Managing Water Usage Demand
• How To Over Come The Challenges And Risks of Implementing Digital Innovation Across The Network
• Smart Metering: Detecting Abnormal Network Behaviour
• Predictive Simulation & Modelling To Anticipate Failure And Optimise Water Utility
• Future Utility Innovation: Designing The Utilities of 2030 & Beyond



WasteWater Key Themes

• Wastewater Challenges: Energy Consumption
• Wastewater Challenges – Environmental Footprint, Preventing Spills, Sludge Disposal & Revenue Streams
• Wastewater Challenges – Optimised and Efficient Treatment Plants and Technologies
• Sustainable Urban Wastewater Management: Energy Use, Demand Reduction and Recovery
• Building a Sustainable Competencies Model Framework & Talent Strategies
• Sludge Disposal: Dewatering & Agricultural Use: Wet Oxidation Process, Pyrolysis, and Gasification processes.
• Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Innovation: Wastewater Treatment Technologies for 2150 AD
• Cost-Effective Wastewater Treatment Process Technologies
• Wastewater Treatment Systems: Analysis, Evaluation, and Comparison
• Optimal Design of a Wastewater Treatment Plant using Advanced Technologies
• Wastewater Treatment Technologies: Electrocoagulation, Biological, Physicochemical, Advanced Oxidation etc.
• Smart Wastewater Networks: Smart Sensor Network Leak, Pollution Incident Detection and Management
• Smart Wastewater Networks: Blockages, Sewer Misuse Detection & Remedial Works
• Smart Wastewater Networks: Remote Monitoring of Sewer Capacity Levels & Storm Overflows
• Smart Wastewater Networks: Industry Specific Industrial Wastewater Treatments to Minimise Liquid Discharge



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Global Water Utilities 

2021 Attendees Include 

CEOs, Managing Directors, Leakage Development Managers, Distribution Managers, Leakage Managers, Leakage Team Leaders, Network Leakage Managers, Network Managers, Regulation Managers, Leakage Engineers, Leakage Controllers, Operations Directors, Heads Of Research & Development, Leakage Strategy / Leakage Development Managers, Chief Engineers, Engineering Directors, Civil Engineers, Senior Manager Distribution Operations, Senior Water Engineers, Distribution Systems Managers, Directors, Water Distribution, Heads Of Water Supply, Pipeline Management, Maintenance, Chief Data Officer, Head of Data Factory, Heads of Strategic Planning, Heads of Pressure Management, Heads of Network Delivery, Heads of Network Operations, Heads of Network Optimisation, Heads of Demand Management and Planning, Heads of Network Management, Heads of Smart Networks / Projects, Heads of Innovation, Demand Forecasting and Demand Analysts Leads, Innovation Managers, Digitalisation Leads, A.I. Machine Learning Leads, Data Scientists, Data Analytic Specialists, Digital Strategy Leads, Heads of Asset Management, Heads of Asset Risk & Planning